Friday, December 28, 2012

A Potluck to Remember

We have had a pretty busy couple of months. I worked for almost two weeks straight, with twelve/fourteen hour days during November due to Formula One. Then we followed that up with Thanksgiving.

December has also been filled with jam packed weekends.
We spent two weeks doing our Christmas shopping. I also convinced my "accountant" that we needed some new home furnishings from Ikea - I mean that's Christmas worthy right?! I love Ikea. I'll talk Ikea in another post, cause this one is all about our weekend in the garden.

The second weekend in December we had a mandatory workday at the garden. There is some neighborhood construction going on and a neighbor (of the garden - not of ours) donated a fence! So we all got together to install the fence and do some heavy duty general work.

The guys got together with saws and tape measures and lots of pencils and lots of ideas. B went to the garden early so they could get a jump on the measuring and such and I took my fat ass out to eat like a greed monster.

One of my girlfriends from Houston was in town for a football game so we met up for an awesome lunch at Bacon. My girlfriend has a food blog so it was completely necessary that I skip the first part of our scheduled workday to show her a good time. You should check out her awesome blog.

If you are in Austin you must try Bacon!

It's a baconfest over there and seriously, who doesn't love bacon?!?! Bacon is a once a quarter type of meal. Their portions are huge and very sharable. I don't share, but if you are into that sort of thing then by all means have at it. Surprisingly they also have some of the best fried chicken in town! I stuffed my face full of fried chicken and bacon waffles and all the ladies cooed over Howie. It was heavenly.

Photo courtesy of the Austin Statesman

We left Bacon and went directly to the garden. Howie was a trooper and didn't spazz out until much later in the evening. He really loves being outside with the plants and trees. I laid out his mat and he hung out with our other garden baby. It is so awesome to have another baby that is so close in age to Howie. They were talking up a storm and eating leaves together. I can't wait to see how they mature as time passes.

The guys worked on the fence while I did a little weeding (emphasis on little). I did however pound some rebar into the ground and set up the pvc tubing so that we can cover all the crops with canvas for any upcoming cold weather. It was juuuuust enough work to feel useful. I have learned to skip my usual Saturday morning workouts on garden days because it is too exhausting to do both. It's hard work out there!

After all the hard work was out of the way we all washed up and had a great pot luck feast outside on the picnic table. You can click here for my sweet potato and swiss chard gratin! It was a hit!! yaaaay Wine was poured, a fire lit, and music was blaring through the garden. Howie loved the fire and he stayed up well past his bedtime. We had to leave at about 9:30 or so because he was ready for bed. We had a really great time. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The garden just before sunset.
  A smart person would have taken a picture of the new fence...
I was able to get Howie down for a mini nap.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a tapeworm named harry

Every year for Thanksgiving my family gets together at a beach house and we have every kind of competition you can think of and a few you can't. We started this tradition about ten or eleven years ago and it's been going strong ever since. I have four brothers, so once you add in their families and/or friends you get a house full of crazy in no time at all.

We look forward to Thanksgiving all year long. We start trying to pack our bags by October and can't sit still from excitement for the entire month of November. There is laughter, amazing food, a few curse words, and tons of booze for four straight days. We also have our version of the Olympics. In the past we have played a combination of Monopoly, boccie ball, football, American Idol, limbo, Dance Dance Dance (that's what I call all of the Kinect dance games), soccer, and other video games.

My niece, who is also one of my for real best friends forever, and I use the rest of the family as guinea pigs for our food experiments. This year we tried a sweet potato & swiss chard gratin, orange french toast, naan stuffing, queso fresco mac & cheese, brussels sprouts, mango cranberry sauce, ham, pork smoked in banana leaves, and we can't forget the fried turkey! 

Hi, my name is D and I have a tapeworm. His name is Harry. Harry is the only explanation I have for eating all of that food, but it was fantastic. It always is, unless it isn't. But almost always, it is.

Robbie the Magical Tapeworm.jpg
Say hi, harry.

Here are some of the pics from our holiday. Hope everyone is well in your world.

Monday, December 17, 2012



This is the face of a baby who eats dirt!

The Rundown

  • We are still waiting on teeth.
  • Howie still does not like food. He prefers milksies and clamps up his mouth like something that is clamped really tight. Nothing gets past those lips.
  • Dirt, on the other hand, is delicious.
  • Howie loves to play in Nurse Pannie's hair. He fluffs it and curls it around his fingertips. She does her best to pretend not to notice.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Months

This month my very good friend Megs came out to the park with Howie and I for an impromptu photo sesh. It was awesome. She caught some awesome moments of just the two of us. I can't thank her and her awesome husband enough for taking time out of their busy weekend to take these pictures. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Garden

When I first brought the idea of a community garden home to B I thought I would have to really sale it. I thought I needed a whole presentation with a power point and a laser pointer. He knows me pretty well and knows that I go off in tangents of "we need to eat healthier and I'm throwing out everything in our cupboard." Sooo, I didn't  want to spook him. I tried to approach the subject of manual labor from a rational place. I simply said, "it will save us money at the grocery store." To which he replied, "sounds good."

That was it. Wtf?? What about the dissertation that I prepared?? What about the slides?? Think about the slides for goodness sake!

Not needed.

So, a few days a month we spend an afternoon at the community garden digging up stuff and turning soil, and weeding, and other tasks that I am learning along the way. Things like - black eyes peas that are nitrogen fixing plants. That may be common knowledge, but it was new to us. So we're working with a group of families on a shared plot - everyone shares the work and everyone shares the bounty. It's a perfect set up for us gardening novices.

The garden itself is beautiful and we are loving spending the time outside together. I use my yoga mat and a blanket to set up a play area for Howie. He is so calm and relaxed for the most part. He sits there and plays with his toys until he finds a stray leaf to suck on. He also loves to cover himself with dirt, which is cool. I see worm hunting in his future.

We have also stared bringing the dogs with us and it has become almost an extended living space for us. I look forward to sharing recipes from our garden bounty.

Our two garden babies.  

I believe these are the carrots we recently planted.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mom's Wish List

Cough Cough Hint Hint

1. Nifty Set of Knives 2. A cool terrarium from etsy 3. Awesome wall art 4. Even more wall art 5. Vegetable basket for our bounty  6. A cool bag to drag all my goodies around 7. A cool workout shirt 8. New pants 9. Lightweight workout shoes

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Daycare Crud

Daycare apparently is another word for germ heaven. This is the place that all little germies dream of when they are tucked into bed by their germie parents.  You think your son is the only one who is excited about going to school tomorrow?? Nay, nay. So are your kids germs, they can't wait to go to school and hang out with all their germie friends and are super pumped about joining forces to make SUPER GERMIES reminiscent of Red Rover - the cold and flu version.

We have been averaging one week sick, one week healthy. Poor Howie, as soon as he recovers from one bug another one moves in. B, thankfully has the ability to work from home when needed. He is a snot  clearing, medicine giving, fever checking rock star.  He is amazing.

My sister in-law told me that breast milk is the best for clearing snotty noses. When she first told me I thought, great now I'm going to drown my snuggle bunny with my boob juice. Buuuuut, she was correct. We got a little dropper and put a drop or two of milk in his nostril before using the squeegee (the suction bulb) to pull out all the mucus and it works like a charm at loosening it all up.

Hope everyone else out there is staying healthy and germie free.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Wish List for Bug

1. Harlem's Little Blackbird Book  2. Liam the Red Fox Stuffy 3. Stacking Toys 4. Chocolate Moccasins for little wiggly toes 5. & 6. Baby Einstein Music for roads trips 7. Good Night Books 8. Custom wall art for Howie's room  
I may be several months behind on the updates, but I realize that our family and friends have been asking for gift ideas so I took the liberty of pushing pause on the monthly rundowns.

For all gift givers, we have only one request: please do not get us boxes and boxes of toys to bring home. We have limited space here and we also have a "one bucket" rule. We have one big toy bucket and once it is full - we will start swapping out new toys for old toys to be donated. This will minimize my freak outs about limited space here at home and hopefully it will also teach Howie some very valuable lessons on not hoarding all the fun.

Mom & Dad's wish list to follow.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Months

Hambug's Rundown:

  • Ear infections suck.
  • We joined an awesome community garden this month and plants have been discovered. Asparagus plants swaying in the wind provide hours of amazement. 
  • Dirt is amazing.
  • Diagnosing a bladder infection in a baby is seriously terrifying.
  • We were all sick this month. The whole family. The whole month.  
  • Attack of the Daycare CRUD!! (this is the title of a future post)

    Since the weather has finally cooled down here in Austin (to a temperature somewhere below "help me, my face is melting") we tried to spend as much time as possible outside. We spent lots of time laying under trees and whispering jokes to each other. Who am I kidding? We yelled them. We don't know how to be quiet.

    Nurse Pannie was on hand as usual. Just for the record, she does daily sniff tests as soon as he gets back from daycare. She doesn't trust that place to send back the same baby we drop off apparently. Good girl.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Four Months

Month Four

This month was full of excitement! There were tons of firsts this month. This month also marked the end of my maternity leave.
This is exactly how I looked on my first
day of work.
It was time. As much as I hated the idea of leaving my love bug with someone else, I had a bad case of cabin fever. It was time.
We'll save the daycare talk for a whole separate post cause I could talk about that for a while. I will say that we found out that Howie is a huge flirt. We call all of the ladies that work at the daycare "Howie's ladies" because they are putty in his hands. Internet tip: don't google "putty in his hands." It's not what you want.

 Howie's Rundown

  • Howie finally got his sleeping back on track! Daycare wears him out so at the end of a long day he passes out pretty quickly for the whole night.
  • His "proceeding" hairline is starting to grow in. Finally. His little curls are growing in and they feel like velvet whiskers.
  • We had a roll over this month. The beginning of the end to our captive audience.
  • Feet are now in the picture and he has been trying to get them in his mouth for the entire month.
  • This month he has begun to notice his toys. Before they were just kind of around but now he is showing curiosity. He is also holding the toys in his hands and bringing them to his mouth.
  • Nurse Pannie is still waiting on him to take notice of her. She will wait patiently, and Leo is just waiting until there is a food mess for him to clean up.
  • Speaking of food messes - all the baby books say that four months is the time to start introducing solids. So we did. I blended up some peas and mixed them in with some breast milk and fed them to him. He  was interested but it wasn't the culinary revolution that I was hoping for. Two hours later he was floored with major stomach cramps and he screamed the whole time. All we could do was hold him and let him cry it out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Months

And then there were smiles...


Howie's Rundown

  • There were a million smiles this month and they were all wonderful and even more expressions of W-T-F. He is my child.
  • More dates at the park.
  • First trips to the pool - I think it's obvious from his expression that he wasn't really feelin' it.
  • This month was a lot of fun.
  • July Fourth in Houston
  • Grandad water boarded Howie during his first babysitting gig. He was then rocked to sleep by Uncle J's ukulele and Uncle Chef's singing. It was literally three men and baby over there y'all.
  • Howie fell in love with the baby swing at Abuela's house which made us go out and buy one when we got back to Austin.
  • He discovered the mirror this month and he is loving it.