Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Months

And then there were smiles...


Howie's Rundown

  • There were a million smiles this month and they were all wonderful and even more expressions of W-T-F. He is my child.
  • More dates at the park.
  • First trips to the pool - I think it's obvious from his expression that he wasn't really feelin' it.
  • This month was a lot of fun.
  • July Fourth in Houston
  • Grandad water boarded Howie during his first babysitting gig. He was then rocked to sleep by Uncle J's ukulele and Uncle Chef's singing. It was literally three men and baby over there y'all.
  • Howie fell in love with the baby swing at Abuela's house which made us go out and buy one when we got back to Austin.
  • He discovered the mirror this month and he is loving it.