Friday, April 19, 2013

Un Año

This year has flown by with a speed that is unparalleled in my previous life. I recently made a post on Facebook about measuring one year through the many emotions of first time parents. It's a scary, magnificent, draining, daunting, explosion of emotions. That is what parenting this year has been, an explosion of emotions. It is to feel uncertainty in every single moment. The uncertainty may reflect differing topics from moment to moment but it always there.

"Is the water to cold? Too hot? Does he have a fever? Am I giving him too much attention? Not enough?? Are we establishing good boundaries? What is in that yogurt?? Will he be Mexican enough? Jamaican enough? American enough? How much sugar is too much sugar? Is he being read to enough? What IS enough? What if he falls? Is that poop?"

The ramblings of uncertainty are unceasing, and they are loud, and often times they come without provocation. The blessing is that amongst the uncertainty is the most beautiful song. It is life magnified.

I am forever grateful for my partner in life. Together we have experienced the world with brand new eyes, an empty slate of wonder and amusement. He is the epitome of fatherhood and it makes my heart explode to see them together. This honorable man of ours shares all of his values and morals, and love so effortlessly.

How do you measure time? How do you measure love? How do you color your world? With laughter? With adventure? Whatever you do, I hope it is worth it - in every sense of the word. I hope your life is worth it.