About Me

                        A daughter. A sister. A wife. A mom. A goof. Aloof.

They say you shouldn't take pictures with booze. Sometimes I forget.
                                Texas born  Houston raised  Florida schooled  Austin settled Well fed Under paid Happy
                        Unconquerable Soul 

I am a Houston native living in Austin with my Jamaican lover and our family of misfits. I plan on dragging y'all along on all our outdoor adventures, scavenger hunts for amazing food, and of course the most important adventure of all: Hambug. Thanks for visiting!


Jarlyn Sol said...

This is love...so so real! Give thanks for sharing your blessings and joy filled life! It's a special kinda thing!!!

Mandy B said...

That was at my bday party right? I love that shot!
No booze in pictures? Who said that. Pssh. You know it's customary for me to nurse a bottle of bubbly whenever possible. It just (ahem) happens to be caught on camera. I do have to remind a certain friend to kindly put the Lone Star tall boy down for a quick pic. She inadvertently holds it up like one of Bob Barker's girls.