Sunday, October 28, 2012

Four Months

Month Four

This month was full of excitement! There were tons of firsts this month. This month also marked the end of my maternity leave.
This is exactly how I looked on my first
day of work.
It was time. As much as I hated the idea of leaving my love bug with someone else, I had a bad case of cabin fever. It was time.
We'll save the daycare talk for a whole separate post cause I could talk about that for a while. I will say that we found out that Howie is a huge flirt. We call all of the ladies that work at the daycare "Howie's ladies" because they are putty in his hands. Internet tip: don't google "putty in his hands." It's not what you want.

 Howie's Rundown

  • Howie finally got his sleeping back on track! Daycare wears him out so at the end of a long day he passes out pretty quickly for the whole night.
  • His "proceeding" hairline is starting to grow in. Finally. His little curls are growing in and they feel like velvet whiskers.
  • We had a roll over this month. The beginning of the end to our captive audience.
  • Feet are now in the picture and he has been trying to get them in his mouth for the entire month.
  • This month he has begun to notice his toys. Before they were just kind of around but now he is showing curiosity. He is also holding the toys in his hands and bringing them to his mouth.
  • Nurse Pannie is still waiting on him to take notice of her. She will wait patiently, and Leo is just waiting until there is a food mess for him to clean up.
  • Speaking of food messes - all the baby books say that four months is the time to start introducing solids. So we did. I blended up some peas and mixed them in with some breast milk and fed them to him. He  was interested but it wasn't the culinary revolution that I was hoping for. Two hours later he was floored with major stomach cramps and he screamed the whole time. All we could do was hold him and let him cry it out.