Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Garden

When I first brought the idea of a community garden home to B I thought I would have to really sale it. I thought I needed a whole presentation with a power point and a laser pointer. He knows me pretty well and knows that I go off in tangents of "we need to eat healthier and I'm throwing out everything in our cupboard." Sooo, I didn't  want to spook him. I tried to approach the subject of manual labor from a rational place. I simply said, "it will save us money at the grocery store." To which he replied, "sounds good."

That was it. Wtf?? What about the dissertation that I prepared?? What about the slides?? Think about the slides for goodness sake!

Not needed.

So, a few days a month we spend an afternoon at the community garden digging up stuff and turning soil, and weeding, and other tasks that I am learning along the way. Things like - black eyes peas that are nitrogen fixing plants. That may be common knowledge, but it was new to us. So we're working with a group of families on a shared plot - everyone shares the work and everyone shares the bounty. It's a perfect set up for us gardening novices.

The garden itself is beautiful and we are loving spending the time outside together. I use my yoga mat and a blanket to set up a play area for Howie. He is so calm and relaxed for the most part. He sits there and plays with his toys until he finds a stray leaf to suck on. He also loves to cover himself with dirt, which is cool. I see worm hunting in his future.

We have also stared bringing the dogs with us and it has become almost an extended living space for us. I look forward to sharing recipes from our garden bounty.

Our two garden babies.  

I believe these are the carrots we recently planted.


Gabby del Bosque said...

Love love love this and Howie is just too damn adorable!!! :)