Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Wish List for Bug

1. Harlem's Little Blackbird Book  2. Liam the Red Fox Stuffy 3. Stacking Toys 4. Chocolate Moccasins for little wiggly toes 5. & 6. Baby Einstein Music for roads trips 7. Good Night Books 8. Custom wall art for Howie's room  
I may be several months behind on the updates, but I realize that our family and friends have been asking for gift ideas so I took the liberty of pushing pause on the monthly rundowns.

For all gift givers, we have only one request: please do not get us boxes and boxes of toys to bring home. We have limited space here and we also have a "one bucket" rule. We have one big toy bucket and once it is full - we will start swapping out new toys for old toys to be donated. This will minimize my freak outs about limited space here at home and hopefully it will also teach Howie some very valuable lessons on not hoarding all the fun.

Mom & Dad's wish list to follow.