Monday, December 10, 2012

The Daycare Crud

Daycare apparently is another word for germ heaven. This is the place that all little germies dream of when they are tucked into bed by their germie parents.  You think your son is the only one who is excited about going to school tomorrow?? Nay, nay. So are your kids germs, they can't wait to go to school and hang out with all their germie friends and are super pumped about joining forces to make SUPER GERMIES reminiscent of Red Rover - the cold and flu version.

We have been averaging one week sick, one week healthy. Poor Howie, as soon as he recovers from one bug another one moves in. B, thankfully has the ability to work from home when needed. He is a snot  clearing, medicine giving, fever checking rock star.  He is amazing.

My sister in-law told me that breast milk is the best for clearing snotty noses. When she first told me I thought, great now I'm going to drown my snuggle bunny with my boob juice. Buuuuut, she was correct. We got a little dropper and put a drop or two of milk in his nostril before using the squeegee (the suction bulb) to pull out all the mucus and it works like a charm at loosening it all up.

Hope everyone else out there is staying healthy and germie free.