Sunday, January 13, 2013

Etsy Finds

One of Howie's favorite toys is a crocheted mama sloth that my good friend made for him. I love that it isn't covered in advertisements of one sort or another. I can't stand those toys. Those all in your face toys, those hard plastic toys that the television told me I had to buy. Maybe it's not the toys so much as the commercials, and maybe it's just that need to buck the pressure that makes me frown. I know that one day he is going to ask for some god awful action figure that has all of the latest gadgets, and that I will eventually give in to the unbelievable weight of the marketing gods, but not yet!

One of my favorite things to do online these days is hunt for awesome handmade finds on Etsy. I love that whatever I find on etsy is made by hand. I love that someone, somewhere is spending their free time making something they love. I support those artists because they have chosen to create something where there was previously nothing. The prices are definitely higher than what you buy in the store, but your I chose to spend my dollars with those artists.

I'd like to share some lovely stuffies that I found. Here are my top ten etsy finds this week:

SALE Uri the eco friendly Boy doll handmade upcycled South American African American brown green yellowbubynoa Best Friend
Do you know how hard it is to find a black baby doll?? This one
is the cutest! His name is Uri, click his name to follow the link.
Small Rhino doll upcycled, eco friendly vintage eggplant Purple Wool soft unique personalized gift bubynoa Best Friend
This purple wool rhino is made by the same artist. I can't
wait for Howie to fall in love with him.
My Red Fox stuffed animal toy for children
This little red fox is just begging to be drug around
behind a very happy toddler.
Polar Bear Stuffed Animal
This polar bear just wants a hug.
Soft Toy Chameleon woodland creatures green reptile kids stuffed animal
Feeling tropical?? This chameleon is sure to brighten any grumpy
toddlers day!
Emperor Penguin Chick Plush Toy, Penguin Stuffed Animal, Penguin Stuffed Doll, Sock Monkey
My little brother loves penguins. I think he'd love these guys.
Gray Chevron and Yellow Polka Dot Stuffed Elephant
The cutest chevron elephant.
Owl, Handmade, Stuffed Animal, Toy, Children, Plush
A perfect trio of owls.
Wool Pig
A wool pig.
Monkey, Handmade, Stuffed Animal, Toy, Children, Plush
This monkey is looks like a pretty good friend. I see him cuddling
in on rainy days.
Pocket Studio Doll - Made to order
I love that every little girl can have a doll that she can relate to, she can have
a doll that looks like her and all of her friends.

Okay, so I really listed eleven but who cares?? I got carried away and I couldn't delete anyone. That would just be cruel. I hope you find something for your special baby, whether it's your child or your niece, nephew, cousin, or even a sibling.

Most importantly, help support a small business!