Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Straight from Austin

                                                          Greetings from Texas

Does it get any cheesier? You can bet your sweet ass it does.

The rundown:

With friends and family spread so far apart, we decided to just throw everything we do online in one spot to keep everyone in the loop. We'll post big moments, little moments, and all the melt downs. It's also a pretty safe bet that there will be lots of posts about food. Whenever we plan a weekend adventure it usually begins and ends with food. I think it's an accomplishment in itself that neither of us walk around all day with a fanny pack of food.
Not such a bad set up after all.

I digress. This last year seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. When B and I decided to head out on this adventure the panic set in. "Are we ready? What if we mess up? Is there a test we need to pass, any qualifications? What if we mess up? Am I normal? Are you sure I'm not having a puppy?" These are questions I asked hourly, to myself as well as anyone who happened to be within earshot of me.

For the few years I lived on my own before B picked me up and dusted me off like a dirty jollyrancher I had a habit of collecting dogs. I was what my brothers referred to as: The Dog Lady.
I was never this classy and my dogs were never groomed.
Dogs are what I know. So imagine my surprise when my bundle of joy did not bark at the doctor who pulled him out. No, he didn't bark but I am still working on that.

So one whirlwind of a year later and we've got one bouncing baby and two funky halfbreeds (or maybe even quarterbreeds if there is such a thing). It was how fast the last year passed that convinced us (read: me) to do a better job of tracking all of this awesomeness. Plus, it's easier to post everything than to tell the same story to 50 people. So sit, stay, and roll over. The only thing I can promise about this blog is that there will be lots of f bombs.
Sorry Mom.


Jennifer Ware said...

Too cute, can't wait to see more.

Johari said...

U r a freaking genius!!! Thank you for sharing your life of motherhood with us. It is refreshing to know that there are other mothers that think the same as you. I can't wait to read the new stories and updates. Enjoy your blessing beautiful Howie "the Man" Hamilton. Love you guys...all ears and eyes on deck :)

tliedtke said...

Yay for updates! I look forward to your posts. You make me wanna start my blog back up!

abuela thornton said...

I will be watching your posts :) You know I want to know what you guys are doing in Austin. OK, OK, I also look forward in tring some of your reciepts.


abuela thornton said...

Happy Baby. Howie looks just like B and has both of your beautiful smiles.

abuela thornton said...

Howie will love his two cannie companions and he has two others at abuela's house. I know he will insist that you bring pannie and leo when you all visit Houston.

Illeanahappened said...

You totally should.

Illeanahappened said...

Haha Glad to have a place where you can snoop around at any time of day or night. We love you Abuela.

HomeGirl Quel in Austin said...

lol @ working in the barking. Congratulations! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts here. Of course we will have to meet since we are both in Austin. Let's keep in touch.